Jessica Shapiro


Jessica serves as Associate Editor - 3 years service, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University. Work experience: Materials engineer, The Boeing Company; Primary editor for mechanical and fastening & joining.

Ultrasoft thermoplastic elastomer - Alliance Polymers & Services
The Polymax TPE is distributed by Alliance Polymers and Services
Should you flood or starve a sleeve bearing?
It’s surprising how little lubricant oil-film sleeve bearings really need. Millions of bearings in electric motors, machine tools, pumps, and industrial fans run without a hitch on lubricant feeds that can’t develop full hydrodynamic films of oil
Metal alloys with nanosized particles could be springier
Rutgers researchers have discovered that alloys with nanoscale phases have more elastic responses to mechanical, electrical, and magnetic forces.
Five-head leak detector - W. Amsler
The system uses servo motors to position heads more quickly than permitted by indexing them to the conveyor.
Indexable product-marking equipment - Sprinter Marking Inc.

The units work with Sprinter Model 88 marking equipment.

Plastic pallet machine - Wilmington Machinery
The machine makes up to 960,000 pallets/year.
Medical-grade epoxy - Master Bond Inc.
The epoxy withstands repeated medical sterilization techniques.
Welding accessories - Matheson
The product line includes accessories for TIG, MIG, and other types of welding.
Aluminum threaded insert - PSM International
The insert installs in thermoplastics for improved thread strength.
Nanoscale Advances Lead to Big Power for Supercapacitors
Capacitors’ energy density is climbing towards that of batteries by using nanostructured electrodes and new electrolytes.
Non-toxic anticorrosion coating - Birchwood Casey
The coating replaces cold blackening of irons and steels.
Temperature-stable thermoplastic resin - SABIC Innovative Polymers
The TPI resin works in injection-molding and extrusion processes.
Structural composite molding compounds - IDI Composites
The composites mold to complex geometries using standard molding processes and permit part consolidation with little finishing and few secondary operations.
Two-part epoxy - Master Bond Inc.
The epoxy has a forgiving cure ratio which can be varied for more rigidity or better impact resistance.
Quick-release equipment clamp - Witte Inc.
The clamp works on process-equipment access panels of aluminum, steel, and other materials.
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