Jessica Shapiro


Jessica serves as Associate Editor - 3 years service, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University. Work experience: Materials engineer, The Boeing Company; Primary editor for mechanical and fastening & joining.

LED light-curing system - Dymax Corp.
The system uses a 385-nm-wavelength LED to cure resins with less energy and more consistency.
Dual-mode plasma etching system - Plasma Etch
The system can perform both anisotropic reactive ion etching and isotropic etching/cleaning.
How to get the most from customized leadscrews
Start with ideal specifications and keep an open mind
Aqueous rubber coating - Lord Corp.
The coating is for EPDM weatherstripping.
Fire-resistant epoxy prepreg - Barraday Composite Solutions
The prepreg is toughened and cures in as little as 20 min.
Less-expensive medical-grade TPEs - Star Thermoplastics
The TPEs are lower cost and have a styrenic base.
Beware of unsafe guards
Machine guards must not become their own hazards or exacerbate existing hazards. Analyze designs to eliminate guards that can be left off, those that fail easily and catastrophically, and those that fail to prevent hazards.
Clear plastic bottles make inroads into packaging for wine and barbecue sauce
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles are taking over for glass in the single-serve wine and barbecue sauce markets. The lightweight bottles save shipping costs, don’t break, and are more easily recycled.
Integrated laser workstation - GSI Group
The workstation is for industrial cutting, welding, and drilling operations.
Standard washers - Bokers Inc.
The washers come in a wide variety of materials, diameters, thicknesses, and finishes.
Light-curing adhesive for plastics - Dymax Corp.
The adhesive cures in seconds under UV or high-intensity visible light.
Blow-fill-seal packaging for pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceuticals packaged by blow molding, sterile filling, and hermetic sealing, which require minimal operator intervention, are less prone to contamination and can have ergonomic features like droppers and twist-off caps.
2011 powder metallurgy awards
The Metal Powder Industries Federation awarded its 2011 Design Excellence awards at its annual conference.
Water-debondable epoxy - Henkel Corp.
The epoxy bonds silicon ingots to substrates for wafer slicing and debonds with hot water.
Dryerless PET extrusion system - PTI
The system uses high vacuum and twin screws to eliminate drying and cyrstalization.
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