Jean Hoffman

Nuclear's new age
Innovative reactor concepts may help put nuclear energy back on track.
New Products: Medical-Device Adhesive
The company’s BlueWave LED system emits a narrow-band of visible light centered on 410-nm wavelength. Top output of 2,500 mW/cm2 in an 8-mm diameter spot lets Blue- Wave cure the MD 1000 adhesives quickly and at cooler temperatures.
New Products: Medical Epoxy
EP41SMED adhesive mixes in a 5:1 ratio by weight and cures within 24 hr at room temperature. The epoxy bonds to most materials and can join dissimilar substrates.
New Products: Mining-Cable Repair Tape
The tape has earned Mining Safety and Health Administration approval number P-07-KA080005- MSHA. The product’s durability and moisture resistance make it suitable for repairing and splicing mining cable on-site.
Materials EngineeringL Bumper-to-Bumper Looks That Last
Fiat set visual appeal as a top priority for designers working on both interior and exterior components of its new 500 model — launched last year to commemorate the car’s 50th anniversary.
Secrets of Bond Strength
Leakproof glued joints in plastic assemblies are a cinch if the surfaces are clean.
Latest Green Technology: Stronger Soft-Plastic Fishing Lures
Wisconsin entrepreneur Ben Hobbins worked with University of Wisconsin- Madison engineering and business school faculty and students to devise a fiber-reinforced fishing lure that may prevent millions of pounds of plastics from polluting waters nationwide.
A touch of Midas
A spray coating technique from Metall-FX in the U.K. can replace traditional gold leaf or provide the quality feel and durability of solid metals without the expense, weight or inconvenience of machined or forged metal products.
Materials: Controversy Brewing Over PVC in Toys
Toy designers find themselves trying to get ahead of public opinion despite an ongoing scientific discussion of PVC toy safety issues.
Hollow but strong
Hollow containers for volatile liquids and solvents, paint, coolants, and brake fluid can now be made from a polyoxymethylene (POM) called Ultraform E3120 using extrusion blow molding.
Puttin’ the Pedal to the Metal
Three engineering polymers help an electronic accelerator pedal increase safety and comfort and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission in the Mini Cooper and other vehicles.
Stronger and Lighter — Composites Make Their Mark
Think carbon-reinforcedepoxy composites are strictly for aerospace and sporting goods? These materials are surprisingly versatile and can solve a variety of weight and structural problems.
Bull's-eye for carbon-reinforced polyamide
The game of darts has become more than a bar sport, complete with touring professionals.
Elastomer keeps college racer hugging curves
A tiny elastomeric bearing seal was key to helping Jayhawk Motorsports, the racecar team from the University of Kansas (KU), build a formula-style racecar that handles easily.
Now aluminum tools can replace steel in high-volume molding
A plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) process from Keronite International Ltd transforms aluminum tool surfaces into a chrome-free complex ceramic composite.
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