EDG-6528 industrial grade Ethernet switches from Advantech Corp., Industrial Automation Group, Cincinnati, Ohio, contain eight 10/100-Mbps Ethernet ports to expand shop-floor networks. A secondary power input automatically takes over should the primary input fail. A 3,000-Vdc surgeprotection circuit and a wide 12 to 48-Vdc input range, manage voltage fluctuations.

EDG-6528s mount on DIN rails or panels and fit into small control cabinets. Operating temperature range is 0 to 70°C. A switch controller that automatically senses transmission speeds, and Ethernet ports with memory buffers that support a "store-and-forward" mechanism, boost communication reliability. The RJ-45 interface is detected automatically, allowing autoselection of MDI or MDI-X modes without crossover cables.

Applications for EDG-6528s include semiconductor manufacturing, inventory control, and assembly. The EDG-6528 adds to the existing EDG Series that includes five-port Ethernet switches for small industrial networks, and rearwired 16-port Ethernet-to-serial converters for telecom applications.

Industrial Automation Group,
Cincinnati, Ohio,