Five-axis measurement capability is available on the SmartScope Quest 650 large-measurement-volume dimensional metrology system. A motorized heavy-duty dual rotary indexer lets SmartScope Quest sensors measure features anywhere on complex parts. The system's software supports simultaneous fiveaxis motion that keeps the coordinate system aligned with the rotating part. The Quest 650 can accurately measure turbine blades, vanes, and airfoils. Features include high-speed linear motors, large working volume, support of video, laser, touchprobe, and microprobe sensors, and the ability to switch between sensors at any given time. The system's massive granite base and thermally stable Meehanite bridge provide stability over an XYZ measurement volume of 24 26 12 in. (The Z-axis range can be extended to 16 in.) High throughput and accuracy are provided by high-speed, liquid-cooled, linear-motor-driven stages and 50-nm scale resolution.

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