The KDT 180-DC XY positioning stage from the Steinmeyer FMD Group, Burlington, Mass, ( travels 60 mm each direction with 5-μm accuracy and 1-μm repeatability. Speeds can be as high as 200 mm/sec, with accelerations up to 0.1 m/sec2. The unit has a relatively small footprint of 199 X 199 mm, and a 32-mm height. The drive mechanism for each axis, namely a precision preloaded miniature ball screw coupled to a dc motor and encoder, are inside the stage. The frame is high-strength anodized aluminum, and the entire device weighs about 5.5 lb. It handles loads up to 50 N.

The standard model includes backlashfree preloaded cross roller bearings and a 90-mm square hole in the middle to let light or objects pass through the center of travel.