The networks are not susceptible to dendritic growth as they do not use internal solder connections.

The DIP-U and SIP-U Series devices feature resistance ranges from 1-to-100 kΩ with a resistor-element power rating of 0.040 W at 70°C. The SON-U and PFC-UD networks offer a resistance range of 1-to-50 kΩ, with a resistor-element power rating of 0.025 W at 70°C. All four networks feature absolute TCR to ±10 ppm/°C and tracking TCR to ±1 ppm/°C, with a voltage coefficient of <0.1 ppm/V. Absolute tolerance is to ±0.02% with a ratio tolerance of ±0.01%. Operating temperature range is from –55 to 125°C.

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Resistor networks with enhanced precision and stability