The C Series of helical gearmotors and speed reducers from Bonfiglioli USA, Hebron Ky. (, are more compact than their predecessors, yet have 60% more output torque. The concentric gearmotors come in ratios from 2.71:1 to 1,481:1, and torque ratings that stretch from 400 to 106,000 lb-in. The modular design should simplify the task of matching components to both ends of the drive. The shaft, for example, can meet metric or inch standards. And flange versions handle three different kinds of flanges, including IEC normalized. Users choose from among motor options, either a built-in compact motor, an IEC flanged-type, or NEMA-style motors, which would use the available adapters. Both IEC and NEMA motors can be driven by the inverter and outfitted with an ac or dc brake.