To simplify the task of taking torque measurements on spinning shafts and moving machinery, engineers at Caesar Data Systems, Farmington Hills, Mich. (, have developed a one-channel telemetry system dubbed Microdac B1A. Power and control signals are sent to and from components mounted on the shaft inductively via RF signals. There is no contact and no brushes or wires. The antenna consists of a thin wire coil wrapped around the shaft. The flat antenna allows for generous axial and radial clearance. The antenna can be located up to 38 mm away from the receiving unit or stator. The small dimensions and lightweight rotor lets the system be used on small shafts without affecting the shaft's dynamic properties.

The system will transmit strain, torque, and thermocouple signals as well as other voltage signals from shaft-mounted sensors. Target applications include cars, trucks, ATVs, other off-highway equipment, and also steering linkages, propeller shafts, and electric generators. It comes in a kit, complete with everything needed for several uses, including epoxy, insulating tape, antenna wire, and Mu metal for shaft isolation.