The Series provides good thermal stability, resists corrosion, and fills gaps. SC 2001 has a 250,000-cps viscosity at 75°F and good thermal conductivity for potting and encapsulating. The epoxy can be induction cured (4 sec/500 W) and has a service temperature ranging from -40 to 300°F. SC 2002 is a structural adhesive that resists cutting and motor oil, unleaded gasoline, and potassium-hydroxide solutions to 20%. It bonds well to steels, including stainless, mild-carbon, galvanized, tin-plated, and unfinished, as well as to aluminum, ceramics, glass, wood, concrete, and fabric. It has a 65,000-cps viscosity at 75°F and withstands temperatures from -60 to 300°F. SC 2003 is more viscous than SC 2002 (240,000 cps), resists cutting and motor oil, unleaded gasoline, and sodium-hydroxide solutions to 50%. Its service temperature range goes from -40 to 300°F. SC 2004 is an adhesive/sealant with good resistance to aluminum-sulfate solutions to 10%, as well as cutting oil and unleaded gasoline. It is reportedly well suited for assembling steel and aluminum food-processing equipment. It has a 285,000-cps viscosity and stands up to -60 to 300°F temperatures.

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