ReVēl diamond abrasive grinding/polishing discs replace steps between grinding and final polish with a single disc. The discs have coarse diamond particles that quickly remove material while the smaller colloidal silica particles coating the diamonds polish the surface. Users can go from planar grind to final polish in 4 to 7 min., reducing total polishing time by 63 to 78%. Skipping steps cuts cleaning/changeover time by 25% and reduces consumables by 33%. Each ReVēl disc has an optimal life of five uses.
ReVēl A is for ferrous materials with Rockwell C hardness above 50, such as tool steels, ceramics and thermal spray coatings. ReVēl B is for nickel-based alloys. The discs come in 8-in., 10-in., and 12-in. magnetic-backed discs, five per pack.

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