FDM 200mc — a rapid-prototyping and manufacturing system — builds parts with better feature detail and material strength than its Prodigy Plus predecessor. It uses ABSplus material with Insight software so parts have better mechanical properties and finer detail. ABSplus has thermal properties different from conventional ABS resin and was engineered to work with the 200mc system. The material is said to have better mechanical properties, including tensile and impact, flexural, and bonding strengths. These properties result in parts up to 67% stronger than those made with standard ABS, says the company, thus expanding functional prototype testing capabilities. The 200mc has an 8 8 12-in. (203 X 203 X 305-mm) build envelope and offers two modes for building. In simple mode, Insight automatically manages the production of the part for a fast, simple, and efficient build. In advanced mode, users manipulate construction parameters to change mechanical properties of the part. Advanced mode also lets users pause the build to place inserts or change material colors. The 200mc can build parts with 0.007 and 0.010-in. (0.18 and 0.25-mm) layers, and offers soluble supports for faster builds.

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