Zero-Max CD Couplings accommodate a large range of QD bushing bore sizes. The couplings are available in single-flex models that provide misalignment up to 3 angular, 0.025-in. parallel, and 0.160-in. axial. The double-flex models handle misalignment up to 3 angular, 0.08-in. parallel, and 0.32-in. axial. The hubs are precision-machined steel with standard QD bushings in either inch or metric bores mounted to them. All couplings have an open-arm disc pack made of composite material. This pack provides the high misalignment capacity of elastomeric couplings but with higher torsional stiffness. The pack also has a higher misalignment capacity as compared to steel-disc couplings and provides better damping and isolation of shock and vibrations. The composite eliminates fretting corrosion, a common problem with steel-disc couplings. The couplings resist chemicals and moisture.

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