The OrbitalMouse button-style pointing device features 360° freedom of movement that lets users move in the desired direction on the display screen. Goldplated terminals/contacts and a molded silicone rubber give the device long-term durability of over 10 million cycles. The design also eliminates vibration sensitivity and increases reliability over products using membrane technology or membrane-style connectors. Sealed to NEMA-4 (IP66) specifications, the devices withstand spills, wash downs, and contaminants. The OrbitalMouse is for OEM and end-user industrial/medical applications. OEM devices come with or without switches and footprint dimensions are 1.65 2.05 in. with less than a half inch behind the panel. For end users, handheld or desktop units are packaged in an enclosure with switches. All devices guarantee "no drift." The OrbitalMouse interface includes PS/2 and USB, is plug-and-play compatible with all computers, and requires no special drivers or calibration. An optional red or green backlit model is also available.

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