Three frame sizes and 10 displacements are available. Six different control types permit field interchangeability without disconnecting from the drive or system piping. For large-volume circuits, individual use, or to drive auxiliary devices, the pump can integrally couple with two or more axial-piston, variable-delivery pumps through a single drive-shaft. A pressure-lubricated swash-block design provides high performance for high-pressure, high-cyclical operation. Features of the pump include a hardened-cylinder surface running on a hardened valve plate for contamination resistance and increased life; a quiet valve-plate design minimizes noise; SAE-keyed or SAE-splined shaft; sealed front-shaft bearing for operation with special fluids and side loading; up to 3,000 rpm; 5,800-psi maximum pressure; and maximum displacement ranging from 0.66 to 7.94 in. 3 /rev.

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