Single-axis chargeoutput accelerometers, Models 357B53 and 357B54, have sensitivities of 100 pC/g over a peak range of 150 g. The radiationhardened devices are hermetically sealed in a stud-mounted titanium housing, operate at temperatures from 95 to 500°F (71 to 260°C), and survive accidental shock inputs to ±2,000 g. Designed for shock and vibration measurements in high-temperature or nuclearradiation environments, or both, the sensors are rated for exposure to integrated neutron flux up to 1010 N/cm2 and integrated gamma flux up to 108 rads. The 357B53 has a 10-32 side-mounted connector and 357B54 has a 10-32 top-mounted connector. Series 003 low-noise cable is typically used for temperatures up to 500°F (260°C), and Series 023 hardline cable for radioactive environments.

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